40 Vape Dosing Capsules


40 New high-quality alternative dosing capsules.

100% Food-grade aluminum, easy to use, better durability

Great for various vaporizers, including mighty and crafty

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Adrian, US
Great buy
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Dosing caps are either something you adore or don't believe you need. I like using them because I can prepare a couple ahead of time and have them available whenever the mood strikes. Cleaning up is as simple as soaking the caps in and letting them air dry; my vape oven stays brand-new. I shared them with my friends and they loved them too.
Kyona, Japan
A world of difference
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I prefer using these pods so I can keep the chamber of the vape clean. They work well, the little holes will get clogged over time so they need some regular cleaning but that goes along with your vape mouth piece as well. This way the oven/chamber stays nice and clean and soaking the pods and mouthpiece in alcohol is easy.
Diane, France
Perfect for on the go
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I had a night out with my buddies and packed these up. As the night progressed, I was able to just discreetly switch them in and out. The best thing about them is that they keep your chamber clean and allow for easy cleaning up after every session. Make sure when you empty your remnants! Also, do a short cleaning with a toothpick or small apparatus in order to keep the grates clean.
Arvin, Germany
I use these on a daily basis
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I could not imagine using my vape without them. I have 2 sets that I keep loaded for throughout the day. It makes it extremely fast and efficient for on-the-go vaping. I 100% recommended these for your vape. Once you give them a try, there is no going back.


Our capsules are made out of 100% food grade aluminum. Therefore, they are 100% safe to vape with. 

We were using other capsules for many years and realized that this is the best way to vape. However, existing vape capsules were too expensive and not very durable. We decided to find a way to produce those capsules cheaper and more durable so you can use each one many times over and over again.

We made sure that the geometry of the capsules and its holes support durability.

At least as good as other types of capsules – they have been used by many users for many years with great results.

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